D‘ARC, J. - A variety of organic and fair trade garments

Four hours later. On a scale from shapeless blob to nightmare fuel to realistic, the results are somewhere in the area between shapeless blob and nightmare fuel. Along this scale, somewhere in between the outer rims best represented by Helen Frankenthaler and Francis Bacon, the works of Mark Rothko, Otto Piene, Miriam Kahn, and Marlene Dumas all come to mind, as do the photographs of Daisuke Yokota. Blurred contours, amorphous figures, eerie shapes. Sfumato pushed to the edge. It comes close to what I would paint, I thought to myself, if I started painting again.

While researching for the GRADIENT DISSENT design, I stumbled upon two other neural networks, which are able to visualize human thoughts from brain waves. And the images they produce eerily resemble the ones that my two neural-network-subconscious-surrogates had created.

“What does all of this mean?”, I asked myself.
“I don’t know”, I concluded, “but what a time to be alive.”