Actually it was all fine
Not good, not bad
just fine

But then I saw you
Sitting on the 3rd floor of the library with this green colored carpet
Reading and writing, immersed in your books and laptop

Suddenly our eyes met
you smiled
And I felt something
Something good and something bad
Terrified because there is someone else

We see each other more often
In the hallway
outside the library
on the streets

I‘m lost

Always trying to be a good person
But when it comes to you
There is this different kind of attraction

There is this saying that eyes speak louder than words

A year went by
long time no see
probably because of the pandemic
out of sight, mostly out of mind

Yesterday I was wondering how you are doing
Suddenly we met again
Smiling at each other when you left the bar with your dog
looking deeply in each other’s eyes

I don’t know if you will ever read this
And I don’t know what you‘d think of me if you did
But I hope, when our eyes meet again
We will speak

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