Fuji 富士山

I hadn’t left my apartment in eleven days except for short trips to the supermarket to buy soda and candy, or picking up a pizza from the shop next door (which, of course, I pre-ordered to avoid small talk with the owner). On a ‘normal’ day I would lie in bed all day. On better days I sat at the desk for an hour or two. On worse days, clichés kicked in and I would lie on the floor and just stare at the ceiling. Very much to my surprise, even downloading meditation apps or listening to sounds of rain and thunderstorms on my stereo didn’t help. A thing with a lover had just ended, but that wasn’t even what triggered this episode. Over the past weeks, feelings of being trapped and lost creeped to the surface of my mind, slowly putting me in a paralysing state of lethargy. I began to daydream.

scan of fuji poem
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