Neon Nightmare

The carpet felt soft at the back of my head. Yet as leaned on my left arm to get up, a terrible ache flashed through my shoulder – I must’ve been lying on it the entire time. I found myself in a long, narrow corridor, only lit by a shimmering light at the end of it which appeared to be miles away.

I began to walk towards it and it seemed as if the temperature increased with every single step. Sweat began pouring down my face and a feeling of dread started spreading in my mind. It only took minutes until I had to pause from exhaustion. For the first time I turned around. Behind me was only darkness. I looked at the metallic wall to my left and right. The light from the end of the corridor abruptly stopped at the exact point where I was standing. I took a step forward and the threshold between light and darkness moved forward with me. I tried to take a step back but couldn’t. There was no invisible barrier, but something inside me that prohibited it. I tried to lean back with all my strength, trying to fall backwards… then, out of nowhere, a deafening shriek echoed along the corridor. I pressed my hands against my ears and started running. The scream intensified. The ground started raising, distorted grimaces protruded from the walls. The light began flickering and got brighter and brighter to the point where keeping my eyes open would’ve left me blind. I ran as fast as I could, just trying to reach the end of the corridor, hoping that it would end all this chaos of noise, heat, and light. But within minutes the chaos had drained all of my energy. I began staggering and eventually passed out.

When I opened my eyes again everything was silent. The only thing in front of me was a pane of translucent glass, illuminated by neon lights behind it, slowly fading between warm, calming colors. I felt a panic rising within me and kicked against the glass, slammed by fists and head against it. The sounds echoed down along the corridor but there was no way of breaking it.

I turned around again. The darkness had followed me all along, leaving me with just a few inches of space. I woke up.

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