With D‘ARC, J., we are fulfilling our childhood dream. But we are aware that this dream comes along with certain responsibilities. Responsibility towards nature and towards people. That is why all we do is built on three pillars:

Design. Sustainability. Conscious consumption.

The way you dress can provide an insight into your soul and can elicit emotions within yourself and in others. Often it is hard to comprehend why a certain piece of clothing feels special and others do not. We try to make our emotions tangible in our designs by visualizing them through pictures, words and stories. We hope that you can connect with them in a way that allows you to feel what we have felt. Maybe you once experienced the same.

Sustainability runs through every fibre of our label. Starting with the production, where we value fairness in terms of wages and working conditions, to our waterless printing methods, to climate neutral shipping. Our goal is to be as sustainable as possible.

Every single one of us has a responsibility towards the planet, which is why we want you to question the status quo of the industry. Fast fashion might be tempting, but its cheap price can only be achieved by a lack of quality, durability and appalling working conditions. The results are disastrous for the environment.

It is our belief that every piece of clothing should be something special, which is why at D‘ARC, J., you will not find any collections. Each piece stands for itself and tells its own story.
Explore it.